Batıkan Bora ORMANCI

Blog Manifestation

Manifestation of my reasons and methods of writing this here blog.

    I hereby declare this to be my blog page. I intend to make it clean, organized and helpful for everyone.

    1. I will systemically categorize posts, probably by tagging them, however I may come up with a better way and update this post accordingly. That actually stands for every point.

    2. I will get feedback from readers and take actions accordingly, probably with disqus.

    3. I will provide multiple translations of posts, and enable users to access posts from any available locale they wish easily.

    4. I will provide the readers with as much information as possible about the posts. Sometimes even with trivial ones. E.g. I will tell about the published and latest updated dates of the posts for every locale.

    Created by Batıkan Bora ORMANCI, Ⓒ2020